Orango yogatango! 

New premiere in Bulgaria June 29 .2023

at Vessel Theater. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. IPF “The Colorful Rooster"


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Mr T is a scientist who studies the mysticism and mysteries of Yoga. He has inherited a special Yoga book from his gran gran granmother, and with this book Mr T belives that he has discovered the secret that might can  teach us to fly. Togheter with his assistant Yoga Master Bombalomba, the 2 yoga Masters will convince the audians that Yoga exercise from his gran gran granmothers magical book will provide an unforgettable experience.


But the communication between Bombalomba and Mister T is not wery good and then the Yoga show does not go completely according to the plan. Embarrassing mistakes occure, and that's when Mr T has to make serious decisions that can put Master bombalomba into a serious test.


kids get a humorous and playful introduction around the mysterious world of Yoga. You'll see puppet animation of high-quality interaction with the actor and audians. Lots of crazy invention and a ood laught together with Mr T and Yoga Master Bombalomba


A Family show for all ages. 

Idea and directed from Roque Jimenez Palacios.

Puppet and scenography and instruction: Liv Kjersti Iversen

Puppet animation: Liv Kjersti and Roque

Actor and musician: Torbjørn Grindheim

Price kr 6000 pr show + travelling.


The show is presented in English and Norwegian.