Orango yogatango! 

A funny parody around the alternativ culture.

New premiere in Bulgaria July 2023

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Mr T is a scientist who studies the mysticism and mysteries of Yoga. He has written 

a book from his journey around the Indian mountains and  belives that he has discovered the secret that might can teach us to fly with the power of Yoga.

In India  Mr T meet Yoga Master Bombalomba.

 Togheter with his assistant and friend,Yoga Master Bombalomba, Mr T try and convince the audians that Yoga exercise from his magical book will provide an unforgettable experience.


But the communication between Bombalomba and Mister T is not wery good and then the Yoga show does not go completely according to the plan. Embarrassing mistakes occure, and that's when Mr T has to make serious decisions that can put Master bombalomba into a serious test.


kids get a humorous and playful introduction around the mysterious world of Yoga. You'll see puppet animation of high-quality interaction with the actor and audians. Lots of crazy invention and a ood laught together with Mr T and Yoga Master Bombalomba


A Family show for all ages. 

Made after an ide from Roque Jimenez Palacios.

Puppet and scenography and instruction: Liv Kjersti Iversen

Scenography paintings: Roque 

Puppet animation: Liv Kjersti and Roque

Actor and musician: Torbjørn Grindheim

Price kr 6000 pr show + travelling.


The show is presented in English and Norwegian.