Tora the viking

Tora viking lady. Tora was created in the spring of 2013 for the Viking festival in Avaldsnes, Karmøy where she was a regular feature for 2 years. She boasts of being filmed by BBC AND CNN. Tora has been mingling with people at festivals around the world, creating great joy to everyone. Tora pops up when you least expect it. She likes to do what most people do, but of course it creates challenges and situational comics.

figure Tora is made of foam rubber and covered with elastic fabric.

Design: Kjell K Helgeland and Liv Kjersti Iversen

           Naked in public

Made in 2008 for Stavanger Europeen maincity.

Touring around at festivals inland and outland mingling with the people.

Puppets made by Kjell Kåre Helgeland , liv Kjersti Iversen and Nina Nilsen.