I am a queen! 8 min show

In 2024, Queen has the 40th anniversary of the song:I've got to break free.

To mark this occasion, we celebrate this great artist and create our own puppet version of the laundress singing, to break out of the laundry prison.

In  teams with 2 pupeteers we use the technique that we really like: Humanette. 3 human hands and a puppet body.We relate to the melody, but the cleaning woman herself sings out her drama in her own voice and eventually gains unexpected powers, and maybe Freddy himself will eventually appear.

Idea and directing: Roque Jimenez Palacios. 

Puppet and puppetplayers : Liv Kjersti and Roque 

Age: Adults

The Date. 6 min show


This is a wordless sketch of 6 min where we try to communicate directly based on the character's feelings linked to the theme of love.

The character appears as an actor in his own theater where he plays unlimitedly in love's mysterious drama, seriousness and humorous perspective

Idea and Directing: Roque Jimenez Palacios

Puppet animation: Roque Jimenez Palacios and Liv Kjersti Iversen

Age: Adults.