Awarded for "best director" at World Puppet Carnival in Almaty Kazaksthan 2011

Awarded for "best original show" at world puppet Carnival in Lodz Polen 2016

Awarded for "best acting duet" at Baltic puppetWhierl in Vyborg Russia 2019

Feedback:Jerry Bickel.

Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre, Florida

This was a thoroughly entertaining performance piece. It was a wonderful character study of a contemporary male. It featured skillful manipulation of the character by two puppeteers. There was great handling of props and costume changes. The piece was original from beginning to end, but the story was eternal. A festival. The show was one of the few to use a puppet and only a puppet. There was no need to break puppet character to make remarks on the play’s action. The clever plot manipulated us through television, postage and the telephone. It was a contemporary comedy about the modern world and a modern man’s problems of being average.

Feedback: Laura Vangelova.

Pierrot internationale puppetfestival for adults. Bulgaria. 2023

"Because I love you" opened the competition program on the fourth day of the International Puppetry and Theater Festival for Adults "Piero".As soon as they entered the opera hall in Stara Zagora, the audience was seated on the stage itself, and thus an intimate and cozy atmosphere was created.

T all went wrong.

The interplay between the puppeteers and the puppet is truly charming, and there is a moment in the show where even they lose their ability to comfort him, as if Alfie lives his own life, completely separate from them. a

Without any pretensions, full of humor, music, mood and naivety - the performance "Because I love you" managed to show how even in those moments when we have reached the bottom, there is always hope somewhere for a desired and truly happy ending.

Because i love you

A charming show for adults.

Suits perfect for festivals and parties

Thise show that has been in constant development since its first premiere in 2012. The show has been invited to festivals around the world and won 3 awards for its qualities.

Alfred has been abandoned by his girl friend Rose , and is now sitting alone missing her.

What went wrong?

Maybe he did not said he loved her often enough ? maybe he should have done more bodyfitness to impress her, use a better perfume, become more macho...

 Love is a mystery! But one of thise completely random days, the whole love crises can suddenly take a turn. Maybe a little visit, and even though it my just be a fantasy, it made the day for Alfie.

Created after an ide by Roque Jimenez Palacios

Puppet Players : Roque and Liv Kjersti
Puppetmaker and scenography: Liv Kjersti

Directed by Liv Kjersti and Roque

Max audience 100.
Age: Youth and adults 

Price. Making agreement.

Performance (almost) without words. Few words in English. Rich sound and hot music .

2 puppet players a table and a puppet.

You will see detailed puppet animation seasoned with lots of humor and features .

Suitablefor all occasions, especially for the party and festival.