Orango Yogatango
Per Spelemann

``Forestillingen er humoristisk og varmt laget, den er underholdende og treffer barna og oss voksne´´

``Etter å ha opplevd Deres fantastiske show, vil jeg i dette brevet få uttrykke min dypeste takknemlighet´´


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Orango Yogatango


A perfect show for shaiking the last bit of the salad in the stomach.


A parody on the mysterious world of Yoga.

Mister Bombalomba is a Yoga Master. He can do the most amazing Yoga exercise with support and technical help from Mr T. Bombalombas yoga can bring new heights, some times, but the communication between the Master and Mister T do not always go according to the plan. Sometimes, embarrassing mistakes occure and that's when Mr T must take serious decisions that can put bombalomba on a serious test with his Yoga exercises.


Kids get a humorous and playful introduction about yoga mysticism and mysteries. You'll see puppet animation of high-quality interaction with the audience and Mr T Spice up with lots of humor that appeals as much to adults as children :) There is a delicate balance between actor and puppet, where sound and movement interacting with the actors is set in focus. The performance is perceived more as a state more than a tale


Family show from age 4-100 years


Made after an ide from  Roque Jimenez Palacios

Director: Roque Jimenez Palacios

Puppet and scenographer: Kjersti Iversen

Puppet players: Kjersti Iversen og Roque Jimenez Palacios

Presentation,sound and lights: Torbjørn Grindheim


Duration: 40 min


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