About Us


Skromlehjulet Puppetry is a free international theater company residing in Stavanger. We have worked with puppet shows and puppet theater for children and adults since 1996. Skromlehjulet has been seen by a large number of people and has been participated in "Den Kulturelle Skolesekken" (The Cultural Rucksack from Norway), kindergartens, institutions, private parties, theaters, festivals and all imaginable events.


Skromlehjulet have also shown their performances at several international festivals of puppet theater in Poland, Chekkia, Russia, Denmark, Greece and Norway.


Skromlehjulet Puppetry are working with a visual theater expressions where acting and puppet animation with lighting, sound, music and photos are central. We often start with a familiar text that we dramatize, process and then transform it to the theater.


The group consists of:

Kjersti Iversen

Dukkespiller, skuespiller og dukkemaker

Kjell Kåre Helgeland

Regissør og kunstnerisk leder

Roque Rimenez Palacio


Sissel Wærholm

Sanger, gitarspiller og skuespiller

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